Working Collaboratively To Expedite Your Real Estate Transaction




Whether you are working with a real estate agent to purchase a home or are selling your home on your own, your real estate transaction will require a closing agent to ensure all the vital details are in place. The closing agent ensures the buyer and seller has each fulfilled their duties to the contract and then will disburse the funds and title/deed to the parties once the conditions in the real estate contract are fulfilled.

In Kentucky, a closing agent is used to coordinate and prepare all the closing documents and complete a home buying transaction. The buyer and seller generally sign and "close" the transaction at the same time.

Real estate closings are complex. Loan documents, seller disclosure, inspection reports, the purchase/sales contract, title search for liens on the title, title insurance, homeowners' insurance and determining the final closing date need to be reviewed and coordinated.

Experienced Negotiation, Attention To The Details And Timely Responses

Working with an attorney who collaborates with real estate agents and homeowners — and is approved by a majority of area banks — can relieve the stressful burden of worry that comes with real property transactions.

Attorney Kimberly I. Barnard provides experienced real estate closing services. She will answer your questions directly, providing clear and straightforward feedback. If you will be out of town for your real estate closing, Kimberly can step in to keep your closing on track, even if you are travelling. Call Barnard Law Office PLLC at 859-317-2562 to schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable real estate lawyer.

Barnard Law Office PLLC primarily serves clients in the Jessamine County and Lexington-Fayette metropolitan area and also serves out-of-town residents who are buying or selling real property in this region.

Consult An Experienced Advocate For Your Real Estate Closing

Attorney Barnard has an experienced eye for the details of your real estate transaction and she will diligently negotiate in your best interest in your home closing. Contact Barnard Law Office PLLC in Wilmore by calling 859-317-2562 or by completing the online form.

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