Protecting Your Family And Your Legacy For The Next Generation

Planning for a distant future can sometimes be a last priority when daily or monthly activities take your time. Some people get anxious at the thought of estate planning and consider it an end-of-life conversation they would rather avoid. However, misunderstanding the purpose of estate planning can lead to grief, confusion and contending with prolonged probate court involvement for your family.

At Barnard Law Office PLLC, attorney Kimberly I. Barnard provides complete information to individuals and families about the importance of creating an estate plan even while they are still building their estates.

Every Estate Deserves Individualized And Caring Attention

Couples just starting their families have much to gain with a proper estate plan. If one or both should become incapacitated or suddenly ill, their estate plan documents can bring the peace of mind that they have provided for the well-being of their family. They can nominate their choice of a guardian for their minor children. They can also name persons whom they trust to oversee distribution of their assets for the family's benefit.

If you already have an estate plan and recently retired, got divorced or lost your spouse, it is a good time to have your estate plan updated with your current information and to comply with Kentucky's updated laws. Kimberly can help you with important matters such as:

  • Advance health care directive To empower a person you trust, your "agent," to ensure your choices of medical care and other end-of-life decisions are made if you become too ill to speak for yourself.
  • Power of attorney To grant your agent permission to sign your name and otherwise act on your behalf for personal finances and other business matters as designated in the document.
  • Will To provide your wishes and intentions for distributing your real property and personal assets.
  • Trust — A more complex document that can be designated as irrevocable, revocable, special needs or charitable to hold your assets to be distributed as you authorize.
  • Guardian/Conservator When individuals do have valid estate planning documents and become incapacitated, their family members may need to petition the court for guardianship of the incapacitated adult. A guardianship allows the appointed guardian to take care of legal business for their loved one.
  • Intestate (Without a Will) If a loved one dies without a will or a trust, Kentucky's intestacy laws govern the distribution of their assets, payment of final debts and taxes. The time following the death of a loved one is a difficult one for most families. Dealing with probate court, whether or not their family member had a will, can be too overwhelming for many people. Working with an experienced probate lawyer can help ease the confusion accompanying a family's sense of loss. Kimberly has over 10 years of experience helping families understand and navigate through the probate process every step of the way.

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