Comprehensive Business Law Advocacy To Help Your Enterprise Succeed

Starting a new business is exciting. Taking your idea from vision to innovation is invigorating. Whether you are an independent contractor, supplier of goods, consultant or service provider, for profit, or not-for-profit 501(c)(3), bringing your ideas and passion to life can also be stressful. It requires planning, contracts, possibly zoning approvals and an experienced business lawyer at the heart of it.

Barnard Law Office PLLC provides comprehensive business law services for existing businesses and startups throughout Jessamine County and the Lexington-Fayette metro region. Call the firm at 859-317-2562 to make an appointment to confidentially discuss your business plan with attorney Kimberly I. Barnard.

Experienced Guidance And Document Review Can Prevent Costly Litigation

In addition to a solid business plan, most businesses must have contracts in place. Contracts need to clearly state the purpose and scope of the contract in writing to avoid future misunderstanding. A clear contract will state what is to be provided, the delivery method and terms of fees, interest, penalties for breach and default, and the method of opportunity to cure breach of contract.

Insurance is another integral, but complex, component to operating a business. State and federal laws can be confusing considering all the other important matters, including workers' compensation and specific risk insurance.

Kimberly understands the scope of business needs and provides a full spectrum of transactional services including, but not limited to, contract drafting and review, insurance reviews and business plans. She helps businesses proactively plan to avoid costly litigation to the fullest extent possible. She has helped for-profit business and non-profit businesses, including media productions, service companies, retail and missionary organizations with overseas interests.

Take A Moment To Schedule An Appointment To Benefit Your Business

If your contracts contain vague information, or are missing important concepts, you could be headed into a costly contract dispute. Contract disputes can become time-consuming and a drain on your business's finances. Barnard Law Office PLLC can help you get ahead of potential conflicts by ensuring your contracts comply with state and federal laws. Call the firm in Wilmore at 859-317-2562 or complete the online form.

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